Actress Lydia sarcastically fires a fan, says, she will marry his dad and make him her stepson

Ghanaian actress and activist, Lydia Forson is trending for all the good, the bad and the ugly on social media and Ghanaians are just enjoying the fun.

Lydia has had some bad moment when she attracted some heavy sl an ps by unknown policeman in uniform during a heated argument.

She became the talk of social media as many see her as a braggart who feels she is all knowing.

Today, Lydia Forson is in news again and this time around, she was engaged in a mild argument with a fan on micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

Lydia, where being sarcastically or not, she just told a fan that she can marry his dad and then make him her stepson.

Yes, you read right, she told the fan with the name Ba4 on twitter who jokily tweeted at Lydia that if he was the police officer, he would have beaten the actress to a pulp.

He tweeted;

“Just don’t take pictures is that too much to ask? If it were me I will beat you to pulp with I know my rights thing. You will soon be 40 with no husband or a child ooo. Be humble and submissive kakra,”

Angry Lydia Forson quickly hit back;

She replied;

“I can always marry your father and make you my stepson,”

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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