Ama Nyaneba Condemns KKD’s Gay Comment, Asks Pastors To Wake Up

Evangelist and Gospel Musician, Ama Nyaneba, has totally condemned KKD’s comment on his son’s gay issue and asked Ghanaian preachers to wake up from their slumber.

Speaking on Tema-based Online Port City Radio, the worship leader seemed unhappy about how KKD to social media to defend his gay when he could he just remained quiet.

According to her, KKD instead of going public could have remained quiet on the whole issue just to save his son from the embarrassments.

She said;

“KKD is a respected person in Ghana who knows our culture and beliefs, the best he could do was to keep quiet than going to social media.”

“He has done more harm to son with his long letter on social media.”

Ama Nyneba, then took the opportunity to encourage Ghanaian preachers to focus on preaching salvation to the souls to save people from becoming gays and lesbians.

“To all pastors and preachers, please focus on winning some of these people to Christ”

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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