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Biggest Challenges Up&coming Artists Face in Ghana.

Biggest Challenges up and coming artists face in Ghana. The outcry from upcoming artists in Ghana about the unfair treatments is outpouring. Commentators on my Facebook wall share the same sentiment with the rest of the underground music industry.

I asked “What’s your biggest challenge as up and coming artist?”.The comments from upcoming artists who shared their experiences with me rise lot of concern. Before I descent to their comments, I will like to applause all the commentators for their courage of speaking out for the rest.
One of the challenges that came up the most is Media. Below is what Sika Pelli share and my respond;

Many upcoming artists who comments also share the same complain about the media industry. The traditional media has over the years done little to help discover new talents to replace the aging mainstream artists in Ghana.

Why some media houses don’t help? well there are lot of reasons and one is about the quality of music from upcoming artists. This reason is half baked cake because for many years, I have been blogging about underground music, I can testify that some of the rising stars works are much better than mainstream artists. This is my respond to Sika Pelli, read it below:

Thiago Boy also share another challenge which must upcoming artists faces; stage performances.

The lack of professionalism by underground musicians has been the reason why most event organizers mostly don’t give their platforms to upcoming artists. I’m not saying all upcoming artists are unprofessional but some of them. Most upcoming artist lack confidence and they get nervous when they are on stage.

The stigma is due to lack of preparation by the artists and their mental well being. It very important as upcoming artists to learn how to control crowd and move them to your music even if your song is not known to the crowd. Believe me or not many of them will be entertain by your stage craft rather than your music. Practice every day in front of a mirror, just imagine that you performing to a crowd.

Promotion and demands for upcoming artist is too high
share with me by New Mosis

Promotion also came up several times from commentators. It always been a challenge for many upcoming artists to perfectly promote their music. There are two side to the problem, One fall on the upcoming artists; Most upcoming act don’t understand what promotion is and why is vital to their rising. Back in the days when there was no internet, websites and enough radio stations in Ghana, what musicians do is to carry cassette players and go from market to market to sell their music to passengers at lorry stations.

Today things have change but the same idea can be use. Street  promotion is one of the areas underground artist can use to expose themselves. Put about 5 songs on a CD, make many copies and get on the street and start giving out to strangers, club djs, and presenters any time you go for interviews. Media houses also get their share of the blame, many media house have no packages for upcoming artists to buy to promote on big platforms and that limit their chances of being heard by the mass audience.  Thanks for reading, If you like the article please share.

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