Bukom Banku’s Defeat Brings Peace Into The City – Ayitey Powers

Elated Ghanaian boxer, Ayitey Powers, has retorted in a phone-in interview on Atinka TV that, the defeat of Bukom Banku is the best since it brings peace into the city.

According to Powers, arrogant Bukum Banku thinks highly of himself and therefore disturbs the peace of people especially the women he bullies at the least chance.

“Since the Bastie Samir defeated Bukum Banku, peace has been restored in the city. That Bukum guy thinks highly of himself and can therefore subject people especially women to beatings.”

“The truth is since his defeat to Bastie Samir, I can say for sure that there is peace in the city which hitherto wasn’t”

Ayitey Powers also expressed his unlimited joy because Bastie Samir defeated Bukom Banku in a humiliating manner.

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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