CURR3NCY- “I Really Don’t Write My Rap”, The Walaba You hit Maker Revealed During Interview

Curr3ency, the US based Ghanaian Fante rapper is the latest up building act trying to make a name for himself and Ghana. Born Nana Yaw and the third but last child of his parents, this young Takoradi rapper does his raps in the Fante dialect which will definitely compel you to listen to his songs over and over again.

In his recent interview with Dj Frank on Gentlemen Radio’s daily doze, the Medo Wo hit maker remarked indirectly why he is the “Don On Da Mic” to a question asked by the host.

Dj Frank: So how long does it take you to write a rap, I know some artists takes some hours to write their own raps and others just borrow from other people so how long does it take you write a song or rap for a song” Curr3ncy: “I have not really timed myself but if I hear a beat and like it, I don’t think it will take me more than 20 minutes to do a rap. All these freestyles I have been doing, I think that is one of the main reason why people like me”. Touching on the subject of his acceptance in the industry, the “Walaba U” banger retorted “I think one of the reasons why people like me is, I come up with the rap faster like the xenophobia freestyle I did. I did that freestyle within 10 or 15 minutes and people were just thinking how I made it, how come I can put in words within the shortest possible time. You know it’s like that, I don’t really write my raps though, you see me talking talking talking and it will just come like that” Interestingly to what many people might not agree to, Curr3ncy revealed that though he resides in the U.S.A, his whole body and music are in Ghana.

He gets his beats from Ghana. He has no intention of doing much promotion in the States but only in Ghana as he said in the interview “When You get accepted in Ghana, it goes everywhere you understand. It’s not like I’m leaving America or other countries behind, but for now I just want to focus on Ghana, trying so hard to get my musics play on radio stations”. As humble as this Fanti rapper is, when asked about featuring Ghana’s biggest act, Sarkodie, he said “I can’t jump from level one to level five”. He recognized that he needs time to get to that level though the young rapper’s management are in talk with Sarkodie’s management.

He is set to release two singles sooner, one titled Takoradi which would be unleashed from September 15, 2015 and the other in December for the Christmas. He has done collaborations with acts like Singlet and Hindu. Curr3ncy is currently in the States studying while doing music. He is under the tutelage of Mr. Alfred Brain Aborga of, Alex of and few others. And now, sit back and enjoy the full interview below. Thumps up to our own Curr3ncy You can also promote your songs on

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