Dada Kwabena’s ‘Golden Stool’ Song Does Not Promote Profanity – PR

Frederick Noamesi, Communications expert and PR for High-life Musician, Dada Kwabena has reacted to the widespread claims that ‘Golden Stool’ is promoting profanity in Ghana.

‘Golden Stool’ barely 24 hours after it’s release has started to cause some stirs on social media with many tagging it as a profane song.

But speaking to Mixtic Romras on Gentlemen Radio’s ‘Hangout Moments with Mixtic’, Frederick Noamesi stated clearly that ‘Golden Stool’ does not in any way promote profanity in Ghana.

According to him, the fact the Dada Kwabena released ‘Golden Stool’ at the time when ‘kitchen stool’ s3x video between a headmaster and a female student does not mean he is promoting profanity.

He also added that Ghanaians should embrace new high-life track ‘Golden Stool’ and rally support for Dada Kwabena as he is working very hard to revive the ‘dying’ high-life genre.

He said;

“Dada Kwabena is not promoting profanity as speculated by people. Yes, it is true he released the track at the time when everyone is talking about ‘kitchen stool’ but that does not make our track profane.”

“Golden Stool’ song is very educative and entertaining. Folks should stop tagging it as a profane track.”

“The time has come for Ghanaians to see that Dada Kwabena is trying to revive the dying high-life genre in Ghana.”

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Listen to the song below;

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