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Dj Alberto De1 (Review) : Hype Over Talent [H.O.T] Must be Stopped.

The collective name of being what you are is what you hear people call you with. They say good names are better than riches and I take a caption note from that which sometimes makes me wonder why the so called artistes still have their root fixed to the ground in our entertainment showbiz.

Bloggers and promoters give them good details about such personalities all in the name of hyping that artists to the world meanwhile they themselves knows how weak or poor in terms of money, wack lyrical compositions and many others that one can imagine of what an artiste is to be called. But I petty them not cause the right coats are not worn and it happens to be the order of the day as in “it’s who you know best and wants to be helped by in the entertainment industry…” The question then is WHO’S FAULT?
But from the look at things it’s hype over real talent. There are many guys who are still struggling to get to the mainstream platform but due to money issue they are still finding it difficult to come out as an artist. While most of them are better than the so called ‘’starts’’ in our industry. It’s too bad most bloggers talk about some artist they know he or she doesn’t deserve that hype.

We must cherish our work over money. Though we are all fighting for money but the right thing must be done in the rightful way so as to make both parties beneficial. It’s shouldn’t be only one way as a form of one man gaining at the expenses of the others. Many artists either an upcoming or already made star artiste deserve best from bloggers. Can’t disclose names here as a certified form of authenticity but there is one artist in Ghana most bloggers blog bad things about just trying to tarnish the image to the world but when you get closer to the artiste, you will realized how good a manner of behavior that artiste show out to the fans and the world as a whole. The ideology of hyping the fake ones to the world as a form of making such an artiste popular ain’t true but it rather makes the wrong spread of information across board.

As an adage goes ‘’putting sugar into soup won’t make the soup sweet but rather salt because sugar is sweeter than salt.’’ All that I want to air out and make things clear is that the right things must be done in their rightful way so as to speak well of whom happens to be on the hot seat. Everywhere you go is Hype Over Talent [ H.O.T] and it’s rather killing the true image of the industry.

The talented ones are unseen but those wack ones are always on our social media pages and on our television. They are everywhere because they always say “money talks”, which is really bad. This issue has been there over the past and everyone is employing such behavior, am not surprise most companies pick up their workers on what they have heard about such person.

Most radio station here in Ghana picks their radio presenters and Djs basically on what they have heard about such person. They don’t go further to make a real investigation about such a fellow which later on you see such person giving out a poor delivery to the station he or she has been employed in. The Ghanaian media must put a stop to all these bad acts since it doesn’t speak well about the good name of the showbiz outside Ghana. For a good name outside Ghana, all these HYPE OVER TALENT must be stopped.

Showbiz education by Dj Alberto De1 [EDUTAINMENT]

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