DJ Frank Abeeku Outlines his visions for Unheard Artistes

Most Artists Nemesis are DJs who seem not to use their influence in promoting their Music, but DJ Frank Abeeku is an exception because he created a formidable online radio straight from the USA called Gentlemenradio just to support Ghanaian artists home and abroad, he equally thought it wise to extend the Radio to his home country Ghana Where he has employed the services of hardworking media personal to hold onto his legacy here in Ghana.

Recently DJ Frank Abeeku has proposed the Rising star awards just to help reward deserving hardworking artistes coming up and striving to be noticed. This awards would help unearth the best talents that haven’t seen enough from the industry support and would be a great motivation for artistes to do good music in any grad they find themselves.

Concerning Gentlemenradio Radio Frank Abeeku released a statement earlier this year to monetize his streams to help raise money to help unheard artistes. The statement read

“Gentlemenradio multimedia Just signed an agreement contract to get Gentlemen Radio stream monetized. It going to be a game changer for our struggling upcoming artists who don’t profit from their craft. The only requirement we will seek from Artists who will be using our platform is to share Gentlemen Radio listening links and encourage their followers to listen to their song played on the station. More details coming soon.”

This looks like another great initiative that gives more hope to the unheard artiste.

Source: Mixtic Romras

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