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Dumbest Song Ever To Become A Hit In Ghana “One Corner” By Patapaa

Shockingly, one of the dumbest songs ‘One Corner’ by Swedru-based upcoming artiste, Patapaa is making waves in Ghana.

The song which has neither content nor storyline is really buzzing in most of the clubs in Ghana and on the streets as everyone seemed enthused by it.

Thanks to social media this song is making waves everywhere because of social media videos of the crazy dance to the song.

If you haven’t seen the dance videos to this song then let me describe it to you. The dance demand dancers to position themselves in the corner area of room and makes sexually moves. The song does not make any sense but the crazy beat makes it fan to listen.

The track infact has even got the attention of Kwadwo Nkanasah aka Lilwin who has been accused of stealing the song for his personal gain.

One baffling question is why one should hide in a corner to dance?

Patapaa is from Agona Swedru in the central region.

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