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Ebony uses her Music to encourage young ladies to be bad

Once upon a time, Ghana music used to be the driving force behind advances of society goals. Through Music we achieved so many developments.

Today we can’t say the same for the likes of Musicians we have. The music our Musicians compose lately have no positive Messages in them.

Ebony, a young female Dancehall artist from Ghana is the latest leader of bad gal movement. She has been upfront with it through her Music.

She encourages young girls to go after sugar daddies if their youthful boyfriend can’t provide for them in her sponsor song. That wasn’t awful like her new single “Date your father.”

In the song she encourages girls to date their boyfriends’ fathers if they break their heart. This sort of lifestyle should not the new norm in our society.

Music is not just for Entertainment, it carries Message that could influence certain people in our society. This kind of bad behaviors Ebony is preaching with her songs will have negative impact in our society. It’s time we speak up on the direction Ghana music is moving towards currently.


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