Gentlemenradio FAQ Page

Gentlemenradio multimedia provide equal opportunity platform for all musicians at all levels either underground, upcoming or mainstream artists. We accept upload contents from all musicians, record labels, promoters and individuals. Requirement !! 1.Mastered version of the song with correct tags (Artist names, song title, producer name) 2. Short description of the song,in addition you can add your bio. 3. Art Cover shouldn’t contain any pornographic images. (Image size 500x 500) 4. All requirement have to be meet before song will be upload. CLICK TO SUBMIT MUSIC HERE
We get a lot of music submissions for airplay. There is several ways you can submit your music to us for airplay. Since the demand for airplay is high we give priority to artists and record labels that buy our promotional package. Visit our promotion package for more details. Promo package
Promote your music with Gentlemenradio! we'll play your music to our listeners and also grant you interview on our programs. To request more information about interview requirement and availability please contact us through email. Gentlemenradioo@gmail.com
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