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Father Of 100 Children And 12 Wives Proposes To His Daughter

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An 80-year old farmer, father of over 100 children and married to 12 wives nearly committed incest when he mistakenly proposed marriage to her biological daughter.

Polygamous Togbui Kofi Asilenu from Amakrom, a small community in Eastern Region of Ghana, despite his family size and age, revealed that he is still exploring for more women according to a report on TV3.

If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children. As for men, even in old age we can still father children. I’m not impotent,” Asilenu told TV3’s Portia Gabor who spent some time with the family on Father’s Day.

It was revealed that the he gave birth to the over 100 children within 40 years and cannot easily recollect their faces and names for which reason he met her biological daughter and started proposing love to her.

But for the awareness of his daughter, Asilenu would have committed incest by having amorous relationship with her own daughter, unknowingly though.

One of his sons narrated how his father proposed to one of his sisters and the interesting excuse Mr Asilenu gave when it emerged that he is the father of the lady he had expressed love to.

“He [Asilenu] met the lady and said he loved her…..and later on, the lady said she was his daughter,” she told Portia Gabor, adding “he [Asilenu] said his eyes were worrying him, that was why he didn’t notice it was her own daughter and we laughed over it”.