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Get Familiar: Rhymes Beenie – Never Hold Back Lyrics

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Artiste : Rhymes Beenie
Title : Never Hold Back

Yo Kaysam let’s make this tekNikal fi di people dem
Yiie mi naago hold back
Rhymes Beenie Pon di rhyme.

Chorus 2x
Mi naago hold back,hold back
Until I reach ayuh goal.
Mi naago hold back, hold back.
Even wen I reach ayuh goal yiie

Verse 1
Where I come from is ah far place so mi work very hard no time fi no laze.
People still hating dem ah craze
Fake love dem show me bout I erase
Sundays dem gwaan tuh church
Gwaan tuh church tuh sing thanks and praises
Hypocrites come tuh di vocal Rasta and learn love basics
Music nuh ah platform fi no joke
Whether rich or poor put ah smile pon di goal
All that glitters nuh gold that’s why pon di beat ah stood very bold.
Anytime I ragga dancehall Babylon run tuh di bush like natures call.
Mi dreams bigger Dan Noah’s ark
Talk about Mi and I give no f**k
Study society bossup your ability
Di fan dem applauding dem love I ability
On yuh max get set ayuh ready now
Fake artistes pampers Mi ah giving out
Rhymes Beenie pon di rhyme I di big- bout-yuh
Stop hating because di people never no yuh
Dem Seh manna good
Yeah that’s why dem ah rate Mi as ah soldier.

Chorus 2x

Verse 2
Gh Ghana dancehall banner
RBFAMILY far from drama
Di youth play Mi tune in every corner
That’s why red eye Babylon wonder
Them want see Mi fall bout I strike thunder
Climbing up di ladder is ayuh agenda
Mi never serve ah God with ah quick temper
That’s why Mi girl overstand Mi without no pamper
Elavanyo m3b3 Elavanyo
Cyaan pull me down Babylon cyaan pull me down

Chorus 2x