Ghanaian Word ‘TWEAA’ captured into Oxford Dictionary

Popular sarcastic Ghanaian word, ‘TWEAA’ has found its way in the 8th edition of the Oxford dictionary.

TWEAA     [tshwiaah]  -{noun, adjective or adverb}

A sarcastic exclamation made in response to a question, comment, action or statement, to show that the idea being expressed is silly, laughable, absurd or nonsensical.

Synonyms:  Bullshit, crap, rubbish, ‘yeah, right’, ‘ns3m hunu’,
‘ns3m  fon’ ‘SMH’, nonsense.

Origin:   The word originates from the West African country of Ghana, a
country popular in recent times for football and Azonto dance. It
went viral after a politician verbally attacked and nearly killed
an innocent spectator for chuckling during the politician’s speech.
Ghana police are still searching for the person who said Tweaa.



  1. Tweaahahaha: [tshwiaah- ha-ha-ha]
    A unique type of laughter caused by sheer tweaaness.
  2. Tweaadict [tshwiaah- dikt]
    Someone who is  simply cannot stop using the word Tweaa.
  3. Tweaaphobia:[tshwiaah-fow-beau]
    An extreme fear of being tweaad when speaking or performing some other act in public.
  4. Tweaagle: [tshwiaah- gul]
    An eagle that cannot soar.
    Eg. The Super Green Tweaagles of Nigeria. This was added after Ghana defeated sister- country Nigeria in a CHAN soccer game.
  5. Tweaawama: [tshwiaah- wah-mah]
    Sharwama that is poorly done.
  6. Tweakai  [tshwiaah-cah-he]
    An expression to show that something is outrageously tweaarific
    e.g. Tweaakai! Somebody said Justin Bieber sings better than Efya
  7. Mantweaaster United:
    A derogatory term describing the state of Manchester United under David Moyes
  8. Tweaalsea FC :
    The real name of Chelsea FC.



  • The crowd tweaad the boring musician off the stage
  • Tweaa, am I your co-equal?
  • I couldn’t stand the tweaaness of the Ghana-Nigeria CHAN game, so I was forced to watch Marie Cruz.
  • With an empty goal before him, Yahaya Mohammed shot the ball tweaarifically over the bar.
  • Yesterday I tweaad, today I am twearing, tomorrow I shall tweaa
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