Interview: FullPage, Ghanaians Should Patronized Ghana Music

FullPage, is Nigeria and Ghana born AfroPop artist based in Accra Ghana. He was a Guest artist on Dj Frank’s Entertainment radio show ” Entertainment Daily Dose” which takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 10am-12pm California time at exactly 5pm-7pm Ghana time.

The show ¬†was broken down into two sections, one and half hour of good music and 30 minutes of interview with guest from entertainment industry. FullPage was given the platform to talk about his new released songs “I don dey Hammer” and “Astray“.

During the interview, FullPage who is up and coming AfroPop artist was asked what he thinks about Ghana Djs playing Nigerian music on air? He answered by saying that question will be best address by the Djs because that is their job and they understand what the market demand from them. He continue to say that the problem is not only about the Djs but also the Ghanaians. According to Fullpage, Ghanaians in particular don’t “patronize their own music”. The interview is about 30 minutes long and can be listened below for more details of what happen.

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