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Why Kaakie Part Ways With Xtra Large Music Label?

The news about Dancehall diva Kaakie parting ways with her record label is getting full media attention and there’s a reason for it.

Before I could revealed what my source told me about what caused the separation between Kaakie and XLM label, the news came out.

In my first article “Kaakie says Xtra Large Music screwed her Music Career, I promised to share with you what cause the break up.

For those of you who haven’t read the article, I stated Kaakie was been chased by a new record label. I did not disclose the Label name in the article because the source was yet to confirm before I break the news.

The label that caused the separation between Kaakie and XLM label is Xylofon Media. Zylofon media linked to Kaakie after the signed Stonebwoy according to my source and that’s why Kaakie started putting pressure on XML for her divorce from the label.

Since the diva was only big Artist on the label, XML didn’t want to let her go. Since I wrote the article, Xylofon media had published Kaakie photos on their social media page to confirm it.

Kaakie will be soon introduced by Xylofon media about the contract signing. The battle for her social media is also erupting now. I will reveal on my next post why XML keeping Kaakie social media accounts.


Written by Nsempafuo

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