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Kaakie Says Xtra large Music Screwed Her Music Career

What it seems to be a developing saga between female Dancehall artist Kaakie and Xtra large Music label is folding to be never ending one.

After the Musician took to social media to announce her divorce with her label Xtra large Music, a source close to Kaakie revealed to Asempafuo of what Kaakie been telling them closed doors.

She said Kaakie has been very depressed about the direction her music career is heading and she expressed her frustration in a meeting with Xtra large Music C.E.O.

The source said Kaakie felt her music career had been screwed by Xtra Large Music. The source said Kaakie was been persuade by a new record label which she felt will help her rise again but Xtra large Music won’t let her out of her contract.

In recent weeks things really got worse between Kaakie and her label, according to my source. There’s a major issue that took place that finally made Kaakie to break away with the label.

According to my source there will be volcano eruption in the coming days between two camps. I will be revealing other issues my source share with me in the next article.


Written by Nsempafuo

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