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Did Lack of Unity Among Ghana Musicians Cause Stonebwoy’s BET Award Lost ?

I am here again and this time, having observed with keen interest how musicians behave towards each other, I can boldly conclude that there is absolutely no unity in the Ghanaian music players.

Yes, you just read right, “There is absolutely no unity among the Ghanaian music players”

Wondering why I will say this? Let’s get it rolling now….

To begin with, the Shatta Wale –Stonebwoy conflict is an undeniable factor in this subject especially when these two artistes do not see each other eye to eye. The situation is gradually getting worse by the day and now beyond control.

Fans of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have joined the trail and fuelling the conflicts with their uncalled comments and judgments. It is rather rare that fans Shatta Wale to agree with anything from Stonebwoy and in same way, fans of Stonebwoy better known as ‘Bhim’ won’t either relate to anything thing coming from Shatta Wale (SM4lyf).

The ‘Shatta Wale – Stonebwoy Conflict’ has escalated abroad and a perfect example, the BET Awards 2017. Shatta Wale indirectly influence his fans and followers not to vote for Stonebwoy meanwhile they are both Ghanaians and Stonebwoy’s win will bring some glory to Ghana.

Stonebwoy eventually lost out on the BET bid to Nigerian act Wizkid and Shatta Wale and his SM Empire are jubilating like they have acquired a new jet-plane.  Where is the unity?

Let’s quickly look at the ‘Shatta Wale – VGMA conflict’, another prove that there is no unity among the music industry players. Ever since Charterhouse productions, the organizers of the biggest music show ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ (VGMA) barred Shatta Wale over a common issue, no musician in Ghana stood by him (Shatta Wale).

For three (3) years, Shatta Wale has tried to get on VGMA but because no artiste has joined him in the fight, his efforts remain fruitless. Just imagine, some artistes decide to join Shatta Wale in this fight as a sign of unity.

We can also talk about Bullet of Ruff & Smooth fame fighting TV3 Network for failing her play Ghanaian songs on their station.


Well, I will end my long letter here…

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