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Metro Mass Transport (MMT) Bus From Accra to Ashaiman turned to Cargo Bus

Metro Mass Transport buses which are popularly called Kuffour buses were introduced during Kuffuor’s presidency. Some of the buses are now being use to transport goods instead of passengers. However, commuters from Accra to Ashiaman who waited in long queue to board the bus couldn’t believe what they witnessed.

Before we show you the images sent to us from a passenger in the bus let admit that the metro mass transport system has helped the transportation system in Ghana. It is most reliable source of transportation in Ghana and cheaper fares.

Despite the positives, some of the practices being adopted by the metro mass transit buses drivers are defeating the purpose of the buses thus making life very uncomfortable for travelers.

‎The images sent to our news team shows passengers sitting in a bus filled with sacks of goods. The car seats and the middle lanes were all loaded with goods and according to eyewitness when one passenger complained he was asked to step out of the bus.

The incident happened early this morning at Accra Kuffour station. The bus was traveling from Accra to Ashiama. We try to contact Metro mass transit authorities for their comment on the situation but no reply from the management. See below for the images sent to news by eyewitness.

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