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Music Tips: How To Utilize Whatsapp Broadcast As An Artist

The future of the Music industry in general is not stable for the advancement of technology makes digital distribution more easy. The future of Mp3 can’t be predicted as well since other technology companies are doing their best to developed mobile devices that will stream “Wav” which gives better quality sound than mp3.

Today our Music tips for underground and upcoming artists is to focus on the use of the Whatsapp technology which is very common in second and third world countries. WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging tool that allow users to use internet to send messages, videos, images and audios to other users. Even though the technology has “Pros” and “cons” its one of the globally popular messaging application today with over 900 million users.

WhatsApp comes with great features such as group creating and broadcast feature which allows the user to send instant message to about 250 people in their contact. How artist can use this feature for their own benefit is what this article focus on.

WhatsApp broadcast feature as we stated above allowed users to send message to about 200-300 contacts instantly and this tool can be utilized well by underground and upcoming artist to get positive feedback about their upcoming song release or shows. This free text messaging tool was created for a specific purpose but most people use it wrongly. Here is a couple of tip for you if you are an underground/ upcoming artists who wants to learn on how to broadcast.

Use broadcast feature only to send a message to vital people in your contact lists. These people you chose to add to your broadcast list must be people who are interested in what you are doing. Sending promotional message to someone who is not in the same field is not effective. You should only send broadcast message to your contact twice a week if you have song release or upcoming show. If you are constantly sending out broadcasting messages to your contacts it could result a chance of you being blocked by the person.

Your purpose for sending out a broadcast message should be about getting feedback from your list. Be careful how you draft your message because some messages is a turn off. Avoid writing messages like ” Check out my new banger, my new hit tune etc” and focus on trying to write a message that will engaged your contacts to respond so you can get feedback on your song. For instance if you want a positive feedback.. write something like ” Hello friends and family, I’m sorry for disturbing you but I would like you to listen to my new song which I’m about to release in couple of days, Please all positive and negative feedback are welcome on how I can improve on it.” Such kind of message will prompt people to listen and respond. You can also use the broadcast as a reminder to remind your contacts about your upcoming shows.. Remember don’t send broadcast message every day…send out the message days before releasing the song and one day before releasing. We hope this help you. More tips coming soon and make sure to also visit our site often!!!!!

Written by
Djfrank Abeeku

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