#Music: Young Skona-Anas( King One-Beatz™)

Energetic artist Young Skona, referring to himself as the rap Anas Amereyaw Anas (ace investigative journalist) addresses issues concerning our music industry. He bluntly preaches against the negativity surrounding the industry, involving DJs taking bribes from musicians in the form of “payola”, TV stations which don’t apportion enough time to air locally made music, and so on. He conversely raises a thumb for artists who’re pushing Ghana higher with their music. Dude flows along a Trap/Hip-Hop beat produced by King One.

Young Skona is exceptional for his wittiness and well-crafted lines. Enjoy the music and support his efforts by following him on twitter (@young_skona) and adding him on Facebook (Young Skona Magnificent). Cheers! Download and share!!!

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