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Must Do Things As Upcoming Artist To Make It To Mainstream.

Living as an aspiring music artist is an endless sea of preparation, arrangements, demanding and serious competition. In this article, I offer compilation of advice for struggling up & coming artists. If you want a normal life then music is not a career for you, just consider getting real job.

Perhaps, I should have be frank with you, that pursuing career in music is not simple as you imagine. Many budding artists are obsessed with making one time hit song, thinking it will shoot them unto limelight. There are no magic steps to make you a mainstream artist overnight but little things you do can make a difference.

  • Be Optimistic – One of the must do things, is being optimistic at every turn of the leaf. To be successful musician, you should not take things personal. This will help you to be resistant against all the neglect you may face.
  • Get Good Advice – It’s very important to seek advice from people who have failed as musician and they are aware of their mistakes. They are potential people to give you great advice not like your grandma, friends or family members.
  • Be Great With Your Craft – One of the things that many upcoming artists have problem with. Society values can lower your expectations by convincing you that mediocrity is acceptable. Well it’s not, being great with your craft is your fingerprint that need to be understood and observed. Learn from musicians who are successful in the industry and study what they have done. Accept and understand the basics of how you will define your own music.
  • Network With Others –  Most upcoming artists tend to depend on their family and friends for advice but they are not always right and they tend to bias to give you proper guidance and advice when it comes to your music. Someone who have knowledgeable in music will tend to give you better constructive advice and it can help you set up realistic goals and expectations.
  • Create a Team –  Many successful musicians have a team that creates the success, not just the individual artist alone. It is important to surround yourself with talents and motivated people who believes in your career. You also need team members who will bring resources to the table.
  • Learn to Produce – Most musicians who have been very successful in the music business learn how to produced their own song. Example of artists who have been succeed are Shatta Wale, E.L, Bisa Kdei and many more.
  • Never Give Up – Music is a business and the road to success in the industry is not straightforward and by the time you break into mainstream you will have a story to share about how you made it. My advice to you is don’t let the long journey to success get you down, it normal. Any time you fall, get up and dust yourself and try again.

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