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Opinion: Why Ghana Gov. Investing In Bauxite Whiles Fighting Galamsey?

Change of government has taken a toll on Ghana’s development making it difficult for this country to have buoyant economy.
It was a great news when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his cogent cabinet ministers made it clear the fight against Galamsey. Many influential leaders and security agencies voiced out their support to put an end to an ‘atrocious act’ hindering the development, growth, and expansion of our forest reserve and its habitats. 
In reality, every Ghanaian know that the government is putting an end to illegal mining to protect natural resources for future use and cut premature deaths. Some prominent people also lost their lives while defending this decision as in Cap. Major Maxwell A.Mahama. But in recent weeks we can all agree that the government is fighting for its own interest?
 Should we say the government is finding means and ways to recoup their money invested in campaign over the short period in opposition? Only time will tell.
Ghana recently secured a financial help from China in a whopping sum of $16bn which is historic and has raised a lot of questions. As a result, the Vice President Dr. Bawumia made it clear that the facility granted has been brand as a Joint Venture between China and Ghana so that China will take over Ghana’s bauxite mining and get their repayment through that venture.
In short, the Vice President insist Ghana will not pay China in cash but used the bauxite as a negotiation tool as in China investing in the country’s bauxite mining.
Upon this claim of joint venture, Deputy Finance Minister, Kwaku Kwarteng and financial analyst Mr. Yao Amekor also an NDC parliamentary contestant in South Tongu constituency refuted those claims on  Accra- based Radio Gold FM on the grounds  that the facility is a loan and not a joint venture. But this isn’t my headache. 
The question most Ghanaians should ask and demand for an answer from the government is “why should they put a stop to galamsey and invest in bauxite mining”? 
Galamsey, despite its depletion of natural Resources provides employment to Ghanaians both young and old. But now that most have been laid off and some arrested what does the future hold for them? 
For the interest of Ghanaians, the government should clarify and state the reasons why they are putting an end to galamsey and signing agreement with China to mine our bauxite. 
Not forgetting that these same white people are in this country and are maltreating us in our own country as if we are refugees working for them. What difference does it make since both of them are causing the same havoc to our natural resources. ?  And in an economic sense is it necessary to secure $16b for only bauxite mining in Ghana as stated by the Vice President? 
Written by : Ahovi Harry
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