U Dey Love Me So-P. Jay ft D. Foli & Lady Gina

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Placing your eyes above the sky and pondering on how far you’ve come in life really make you appreciate the good work of the creator.

Just recap of what you went through in life, you always have much to give to the maker cause indeed He is all that one needed to survive to all the sorrows in the world. When the soul is fed with much joy and happiness, you get relief off all stress and burden, and that is all that P. Jay ft  D. Foli & Lady Gina lyrically blending of Ewe and English in this their single released and title it “U Dey Love Me So

Also, drawing inspiration from the popular bible verses “John 3:16... for God so love the world and that he gave his only begotten son…” and that of “Psalm 23….the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want….” You will agree to me that without the love of God he wouldn’t have given out his only Son to come save mankind from all our iniquities. And when His eagle eyes are on you, just imagine how protected and safe you become. Much work done and energy by P.Jay and Team mate for this lovely one.. A listen to this will have a great impact change in your life positively that you will appreciate how far the Lord has brought you because His love for us is immeasurable.

Hit on download button and enjoy this Soul Gospel tune and don’t forget to share……Enjoy as you feed your soul with this very inspirational gospel tune and thank me later cause this is a must listen tune!!!!