PADAKO Helplinks Championing The Welfare Of Children (Photos)

PADAKO Helplinks is a charity based Ngo which helps children in all their endeavors -education mainly, gender issues, their clothing.

Educationally, Padako Helplinks  provides all the necessary materials need by children who are less privileged in our societies including, exercises, pens, pencils, erasers and other educational items. The organization has also devoted part of their time to assist these children do their assignments.

With regards to clothing, Padako has donated more clothes to these children and they can also look good among their peers.

In an interview with Paulina Kofi-Opata, the Director of Padako Helpline also revealed that, they meet up the children once a week and attend to all their pressing needs.

“We meet these children at least once a week depending on the need of the child to take them through remedial and computer lessons. Our vision is to help the needy child achieve an ultimate aim which would have otherwise been impossible in an empoverished situation”

We believe equal opportunity should be given to all children alike and we wish we could reach out to every needy child. That is why we are seeking your indulgence. Our aim must be achieved. Come and help us in kind or cash. You are welcome.

Ghanaian musician Paulie Paulie music is dedicated to helping PADAKO achieve their aim by using the proceeds from the sale of our music to support this NGO.

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