Part 3: Some Gospel Musicians Want Joyce Blessing Dead – Showbiz Pundit

The wide human-vampires who appears in the form of sympathizers, cronies, lovers and righteous of a colleague are back at it again. They have chosen the ace gospel diva Joyce Blessing to continuously lambast and spew lies about her and the unfortunate accident, Ah! Should we be surprised at the total misconception and lies from their well-rehearsed cacophony?

When I came out during the latter part of last year about a gospel activist consulting juju man to destroy Joyce Blessing by sending her latest CD album for rituals I was lambasted and called all sorts of names by some Ghanaians especially some Gospel musicians but I kept my cool, barely two weeks we have seen and heard what a disgruntled group has nurtured to destroy the same innocent God fearing person called Joyce Blessing.

Once again should we be surprised by the fallout of the Nsawam, Nkwakwa-Abossey Okai ‘chop bar’ intricacies! No! Not the least. But in all these the GOD of Joyce Blessing didn’t permeate such evil perpetrators to have their own ways but came out of the accident still fresh in the name of GOD JEHOVAH. Again, were you surprised? That is how God works.

What I am asking myself is, is it planned evil intention or jealousy cum hatred to destroy someone’s career? This is because they were on their knees praying for something evil to happen to the innocent chap but God does not disappoint his children who seek His Grace and Mercies with good and pure heart. Yet the evil-minded Dracula would never have rest until they accomplished their evil machination because if a so-called Minister of God can lie about her colleague and even mentor without verification is she not devil in disguise or a hater?

Having been dismantled in their latest plots, they have to fall on their “third stanza” but I have got all their audios and Facebook live from the camp of Anita Afriyie’s husband, Fabregas from (Kwasi Ernest) camp. Ohemaa Jackie’s camp and so on and so forth and at an appropriate time I will unleash all these tapes to the public.
But folks, I want to have answers to the following harmless questions:

  1. Is it true that Dave Joy, Joyce Blessing’s husband told Kwasi Ernest Joyce is in Nana Appiah’s private hospital?
  2. Is it true that Kwasi Ernest went to Zylofon to demand a refund of money paid to Joyce Blessing less than 24 hours?

  3. Is it true that Kwasi Ernest sent messages to some presenters that Joyce was not sick whiles he visited her in the hospital?

  4. Did they meet at Abossey Okai chop Bar at Nkawkaw?

  5. Is it true that Kwasi Ernest and his team went to Nsawam police to check if the accident car was there instead of Teacher Mantey police station?

  6. Is it true that Joyce Blessing sang, arranged and direct Ohenmaa Jacky song for her to study before she was able to record her debut album for the four months she stayed with the couples and today she is claiming the accident was fake and for hype?

God have mercy.
And all those who were in Kwahu and claimed to have had a contrary evidence please we are waiting for it oooo but please can someone give me some answers to my questions especially those who went to Kwahu, but Mark 2 why was hurriedly arranged questionnaires on Facebook without verification and consolation less than 24 hours, more so the artist was on your bill and was involved in accident? God bless our homeland Ghana and make our Gospel industry united in one faith in Jesus name Amen. STILL UNBREAKABLE AGYE BUM THEORY!!!

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