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Gentlemen radio policies

Gentlemen Radio is United States/Ghana base African community online Station dedicated to connects people through music. The station stream 24/7  with no commercials.

Equal Opportunity :

Gentlemenradio multimedia provide equal opportunity platform for all musicians at all levels either underground, upcoming or mainstream artists. We accept upload content from all musicians, record labels, promoters and individuals. Please read our upload policy and requirement to make sure your content meet our standard.

Upload Policy

An Upload policy establishes the responsibilities of Gentlemenradio multimedia concerning files upload on our platforms. Upload Policy is in place as a guideline for how long we will keep download files that are below our standard download numbers. This policy also outline the procedures for content upload on our sites. Please read and if you have any question contact us.

* Single songs with less than 300 downloads after 90 days will be deleted

* Albums with less than 500 downloads after 90 days will be deleted.

* DJ mixtape with less than 300 downloads after 90 days will be deleted.

Requirement for music Upload

  1. Mastered version of the song with correct tags (Artist names, song title, producer name)
  2. Short description of what the concept of the song is about in addition you can add your bio.
  3. Cover art shouldn’t contain any porngraphic images. (Image size 200x 200)
  4. All requirement must be meet before upload will be done.

Note: We do not upload Whatsapp audios and poor quality audios on our site. More also if your song has been tag by another site with their jingle we won’t upload it.

DJ Frank Abeeku
Gentlemenradio multimedia