I SEE HOPE FOR THE UNHEARD (underground artistes) – Mixtic Romras Writes

Light at the end of every tunnel, where was lens radio, gentlemen radio, supreme Africa Radio and the other solid online radio stations when a lot of the few big names now used to struggle for a radio airplay by doing extra jobs just to pay Payola for airplay on traditional radios?

Well, a lot has transformed these days, where internet is the new Media, technology is a new world, everything competes at par on the internet, survival of the smartest, and the only hindrance is equipment and data.

Now there are a lot of competing Promo programs online and lots of award schemes that dig deep to reward hidden talents which Gentlemenradio rising star is in the pipeline to factor and deliver.

Now who can stop your shine? Nobody but yourself because there are some opportunities you can grab to improve your craft and grow your brand, if its too difficult you can consider speaking to some bloggers and publicist, also be ready to stand out like some few others have done and show the world you can do it.

I see talented artistes like: Kurtis Yardie , bkay, xhila Roy, Bobby Jr , Jessy, Kofi Biso, Kofi Likkle, Ntekyere, Seyfame, Dahlin boss, Adofo Jnr , Natty Blakka, bra Akwesi, Litikal, Eli, Fegzy Jay, Freshwale, Diva songstress, Tsemi Teegee, Joash and few promoters like Wyse Brain, Frederick Noamesi, Leo Lyrixs, Manuel Amenyo Jnr, Adidja Palmer, Prince Harrylord, Eddie Nak and few others using social media as a tool to improve their brands where the system is failing them.

Let’s team up to build our industry to accommodate every talent

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