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Did Shatta Wale Release ‘Go Shordy’ To Take Attentions Off Stonebwoy’s Wedding?

Since his quick comeback into the game somewhere in 2013, Shatta Wale has proved to everyone that he is one smartest guy.

One notable thing about Shatta Wale is that, he loves controversies and always wants his brand to be in the media whether for good or bad. He simply wants to be talked about every time, meaning that, he becomes restless when the media is talking about another artiste.

Having this knowledge, you will agree that, Shatta Wale teamed up with his baby mama Michy and Majesty, his son on his latest track ‘Shordy’ to take attentions off Stonebwoy’s wedding.

Yes, Stonebwoy got married to his Dentist fiancée Dr Louisa on Friday, June 16, 2017 and has since been in news but Shatta Wale playing his smartness again dropped ‘Shordy’, a song which got everyone commending his wife’s unique rap prowess.

Why did Shatta Wale release ‘shordy’ and featured his wife and son? The answer is very simple and precise.

Shatta Wale’s baby mama Michy is being compared to Stonebwoy’s wife Dr Louisa who has higher education and a Dentist.

Shatta Wale wanting to prove his wife and son’s worth quickly teamed up with them and released ‘Shordy’ just to tell the world that Michy might not be a Dentist but she is unique and musically endowed.

Shatta Michy might not be a Dentist but she has her own music profession and doing very well at that.

Guess by Shatta Wale is smiling because he has achieved the hype he wants for his family.

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Written by:

Frederick Noamesi / www.fnnewsonline.com

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