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Today music tips: 5 ways to promote your music

Tip 1. Create quality song .
Though it hard as an upcoming or underground artists to have professional music producer to work with it doesn’t mean you should just ask your friend to use his/her iPhone voice recorder to record your music for you. Invest in your career by saving money and hire professional music producer to record your hit track for you.

Tip 2. Understanding your audience and their demographic.
Every artists wish to be recognized worldwide but as upcoming or underground artists you need to start small and understand your audience better. The demographic of your audience is very important and knowing your target helps you to reach more listeners.

Tip 3: Start a social network.
As upcoming or underground artists you need to lay out a groundwork and prepare a social channels where you will be marketing your song. You need to decide which social media channels you will be using to reach your audience. If you want to publish your song on website connect with professional bloggers that can help you with good song description, bio and more.

Tip 4: Engaged with your social followers and fans.
It important as upcoming or underground artists to engaged with your fans and followers to get a better feed back from them on your song. Remember you need them ,they don’t need you. Ask your fans and followers to share your song and interact with them.

Tip 5 : Consistently put out good music.
The only way you will get bloggers and media house to write about you , posting your music or getting airplay for your music is releasing Good Music . If you keep releasing quality music you won’t have to pay penny to any DJ or promoter to hype your song.

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Written by DJ Frank Abeeku
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