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Music Tips : Why artist should buy Promo Package Instead of Free Upload.

In the competitive world of music, the hard truth for you to swallow is that being good is not good enough.  Submitting your songs to bloggers  for upload on their platforms isn’t sufficient to get your music trending everywhere. As a musician you should be very proactive when it comes to promoting your music. Promotion can get very expensive, depending on what stage of your career you have reached.

This article focus on upcoming and underground artists who are fighting their way up on the music ladder. It seems many rising stars are confused with promotion packages and free upload being advocate by many bloggers on their platforms. We often heard artist saying this sites and that offer free uploads for artists but the truth is free upload isn’t a promotion.

Free uploads means “Do it yourself ” type of promoting which means you will have to share the song with your small audience. Promoters use promotional tactics to explore the music market to get your material to right audience. As upcoming or underground artists you haven’t reach the level in your career whereby you have large scale audience and this is why you need promoters.

Some of these sites have good links to industry players such as djs and radio presenters who are vital to make your music reach far. With that said social media is one of the greatest platform for music promotion this days and most of these sites have large followers on their  social media platforms which they hype the promotional songs on. If a site offer to upload your music for free, the possibility of your song reaching more audience is little.

The attention given by the promoter to your material get their followers to pay attention to it.  Even though online promotion is necessary it not enough to make your song a hit. Online promotion with combination of radio promotion is needed to make a song a hit.  The main advantage of professional promotion is that you are being represented by someone who already has clout and a reputation in the industry. Our words to upcoming and underground artists is that you should use promoters till you understand how the industry work and have large fan base.

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Written by Dj Frank Abeeku

C.E.O  of

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